Tracey Meek

Tracey is an artist originally from Middlesbrough, her work is instinctual and flows through various methods and mediums. At times there is a clear illustrative style with a focus on people, character and narrative and at others, any human influence is stripped away to texture and colour. 

'I like to try new approaches when working, i've always been able to be quite spontaneous. I like to be in the moment, which is probably why my work is so heavily process based. When i'm really in the zone it almost feels like i go to another world, it's a kind of uber productive, meditative place. I feel quite lucky to be able to access that so freely.'

Stevie Davies

Stevie studied Contemporary Decorative Crafts at Lincoln University. Stevie designs and creates contemporary accessories for the home and body as well as sculptural bowl forms and wall art.

A new and ongoing series of work created in Stevie's studio at Banks Mill, developed from photographs and drawings, translated into mixed media artworks. Each piece is primarily made using fused glass techniques, metals, and found materials.

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